Cybille is a Haitian-American children’s book author born and raised in New York. Between her past experience as a Sous Chef and her degree in African American Studies specializing in overall Caribbean culture & aesthetics in America, she has found a niche in creating a Nu-Caribbean food experience through her venture CAONA SHACK, that translates the history and expressions of a culture into decadent recipes often combining techniques and ingredients from all over the world. As an avid supporter of music, one of her prized hobbies is the scouting and collecting of classic and obscure vinyl records from various global genres. When she's not digging for rare sounds, writing and researching for her next book, or seeking inspiration for her next dish, Cybille is working as the Managing Editor of  TOP RANK MAGAZINE, a Brooklyn-based publication that profiles women of diverse backgrounds who are driving, shaping, and challenging the world around them.